Using Geometry and Scale in Modern Interior Design

We are surrounded for different shapes and colors, but sometimes we don’t pay attention to that. From the furniture we chose, the décor or lights we selected, we are emotionally connected to shapes.
The architecture of a structure comes to existence through shapes. These lines, curves, triangles, squares are all around us shaping us every day.
The design has as a goal to state things visually. It is the personality given to the space. Shapes, sometimes, impact us with free forms coming in a variety of sizes, flowing visually, communicating meaning inside the room and conveying emotions. These figures set the mood.
Movement, texture, depth is produced by shapes, lines, curves, etc., creating direct points of interest. Floors, ceilings, objects, tiles on the walls can make a big impact creating an artistic visual effect.
Square with straight lines produce a stabilizing effect to design; the circle has neither a beginning nor an ending, it is round and promotes movement. Abstract shapes such as curves resemble fluids; think about the water movement in a river, gracefully flowing and transport that to your interiors, it just gives you a soothing effect in your senses.
Geometry plays a key role in Interior Design for determining proportions and placement of objects that are aesthetically pleasing. Large rooms need large objects and large objects can make even modest rooms appear larger. The key is not oversaturating the space. Using objects of different sizes inject character and wit to the room. If everything is of the same proportion, the result can be uninspired and predictable. Think of floors made with huge stone slabs or different marbles forming a geometric pattern or great planks of wood, Imagine doors that stand from the floor right up to the ceiling, curved sofas, plain linear pendant lights or a modern sculpture with different shapes. Consider the impact of unique focal points through the geometry that shapes the objects and the furniture or sculptural chandeliers or mirrors against the walls: when it comes to big scale, introducing geometry to the space creates drama, makes a bold statement and set the modern tone immediately, adding an extra touch of luxury.
We find a clear example how to use geometry inside the space at Lot.1 (Sidney, Australia), a coffee-restaurant where the interior design firm Enter Projects achieved an extraordinary concept playing with forms inside an old warehouse where the existing brick and timber beams were exposed in their original old condition and the space was modernized inserting a multistory 3 D ribbon of wood that swoops and spiral from the café to the restaurant. The wood assumes multiple dimensions and functions, including a partition, shelving, seating, and the main bar top. In addition to being a centerpiece, the ribbon was designed creating “elastic geometries”, non-uniform, curvilinear spaces, that made circulation more natural. After reading this blog, let your inspiration fly free with the incorporation of geometry to the space, the results will be incredibly stunning, I promise! Thank you, till my next blog!!