The Company

MCGP Interior Design, LLC

MCGP INTERIOR DESIGN, LLC is a full service Interior Design Studio that specializes in luxury residential projects and commercial design such as offices, hotels, restaurants and high-end condominium buildings.

The Studio’s style ranges from eclectic mix of new and old to ultra-modern, sleek, elegant minimalist, with predominance of neutral tones, the subtle fusion of clean lines, high reflective surfaces and great lighting.

Our Interiors have a DNA signature characterized for architectural components that achieve modern and contemporary, sleek  interiors with a predominance of linear and geometric forms, spaces are connected to the outside through great walls of glass that open the view.

A perfect balance between minimalist inclination and the use of innovative materials creates undeniable sophisticated and stylish environments with an elegant approach to functional living.

The company mission is the commitment to great bespoke design and prioritizes your vision while setting a standard that surpasses your expectations. Interior architectural details are the foundation of every interior design. This is our primary focus whether the interiors are in a newly constructed or renovated space. Each project is highly considered and exquisitely executed.