Living Rooms

Living rooms with star pieces that make big statements, whether it is artwork, furniture or fabulous collections and functional, atmospheric and sculptural lighting has become one of the most dynamic design ingredients of the era. Large open plans where there is a predominance of neutral room scheme with the correct use of accent colors that add visual interest, where the chandeliers are bold, a focal point that draw the eye upwards and into the space in a delightful way without overpowering the subtlety of the overall scheme.

With uncluttered design posture, the living rooms show balance, continuity and clarity of forms, where geometric design play with straight lines and round shapes instilling a contemporary vibe that looks incredible in high-profile spots, consisting in basis sculptures, interlocking shapes, the use of luxury organic materials, marble and a predominance of large glass walls that reflects the desire to connect the inside with the beauty of the surrounding natural environment.