Penthouse- Duplex Apartment

Minimalist and modern. The ultimate luxury.

Conceptual Images : With double high ceilings,a thick textured  glass wall -resembling water- goes all the way up to the second floor separating the foyer from the living & dining room .

The foyer, with a large black and white artistic photography, sets the tone for this Penthouse-Duplex- with ocean view. A center table and Couture poufs complete the space.

A swirling black staircase and a modern G sofa enhance the living room area.

The dining area has grey porcelain slabs on walls. The fiberglass chairs add a more futuristic approach to the space with a mix of organic elements (wood bench) and a sculptural table.

A glass panel wall separates the kitchen from the Living room.

The Kitchen,with minimalist  and sophisticated look,  grey porcelain slabs on the walls, blackened oak panels and a modern island-bar

A door leads to a home office,  with  a fiberglass desk.

An ocean’s wavelike wall coming from first floor, sets the tone for the modern and uncluttered  open landing/hallway upstairs.