Our Process

Our Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

The design process always begins with in-home consultation. During this time, I review your space, talk about style, take measurements, photographs, as well as ensuring that we understand all factors such as time scale, budget and structure modifications. I want to determine what your vision is and the scope of work. I will ask a set of detailed questions in order to establish a clean picture of your renovation or new build plans and goals. If the project is for investment purposes, we will establish the target market that we are designing for. If the project is for you and your family, I will listen to how your family will function and use the spaces.

I return to my studio and after analyzing the scope of the project, a retainer fee (applicable to the design concept phase) will be required. I develop digital mood boars for inspiration. These are a collection of images, sketches, colors and textures to convey “the look and feel” of your space. This is where we determine your style direction and my preliminary design concept is presented with some drawings, consisting of floor plans with any structural changes that may be required, selection of materials that I curated for you, project timeline and fees. The schematic design is a very collaborative stage and we invite our clients to give as much feedback as possible to ensure we are on the right page. I send you a proposal, outlining the original brief as we understand it, with an estimated budget for the Furniture, Fittings & Equipment and our design fee for the design development phase.

Once I receive your comments on the conceptual design package (proposal), the schedule of works will be outlined and agreed. We would meet in person to sign off an agreement and collect a deposit to begin to work. The final product selections will be presented in a fully itemized breakdown of costs in line with the agreed budget and I will also ask for a full deposit on product proposal amount and begin ordering and purchasing all products. I move into the Design Development, where I draft and refine the design to the next level. I create a final set of drawings, 3D views of key areas, renderings, material boards with fabrics and color palette for each space, lighting concepts, furnishing, curated art and accessories.

This is where I turn your vision into reality. Our client’s personalized design is being made; products are ordered and delivered on time. If our client is renovating or building a new home, this is where construction is taking place. Our installation process allows you to enjoy while we set up your magazine-worthy-space, complete with all the bespoke details that make your life better and more beautiful.

I attend site meetings to ensure my designs are being carried out to their exact specifications and that the project is progressing as planned in order to achieve interiors that are an authentic reflection of our client’s requirements and aspirations.