Defining Luxury…

What is luxury? We always hear that word as synonymous of hot-glitzy-expensive; the best satin pillowcases for a bed; to dim a light switch with a remote control; to have a car’s elevator that brings the vehicle up to your Penthouse garage; a fridge with a screen that works while it reads in loud voice our favorite recipe while we cook or our closet doors opening just with fingerprints sensor-recognition.
Luxury once also meant gold fixtures and wall to wall marble.
Now, luxury has taken on a whole new 21st century meaning. Luxury can mean for busy people just to have some spare time, for others, just to have a home for their family and how that family lives and how an Interior Designer creates their spaces and environments.
Luxury to me is simplicity but the best simplicity; it is to understand the desire to have good things that last forever like a piece of art that test the passing of the time in your home. Luxury is about owning the space where you live in and knowing that it is really yours, where you pick an item for your home that is very special, but it is “your” luxury that will be slightly more expensive than the rest of the things or may be something that you have inherited and that has a very special meaning to you.
There are many levels of luxury, depending of your budget. Ironically, many luxury brands have incorporated items that in certain way killed the uniqueness and the individuality. Vintage nowadays is such a key word, because to me is like finding that rare- unique piece that guarantees its originality, just because it is not commercialized and massively reproduced.
It is true that I love to use luxurious materials in my work; it is not how expensive they are but how they feel and what they will bring to a design plan. I love to mix sometimes the least expensive with the most luxurious fabrics for example; both are improved by the juxtaposition. It is also true that I love using natural materials: mother of pearls with so many shades and iridescence on its surface or marbles…
The fact is that Luxury is another word in urgent need of redefining: forget gold fixtures or wall- to- wall glitz… the question you have to ask yourself is: What is your luxury? Right now, mine would be the thought of waking up in a bedroom with open views to the ocean and seeing white curtains blowing in the wind. Or perhaps, to walk inside a minimalist house with glass walls which has been always the DNA signature of my designs where the interiors and exteriors blend streamlined or just, simply, to enjoy a walk by the beach early morning.
At the turn of the 21st century, I believe that luxury is actually about achieving a more relaxed and tailored way of living.
Thank you for reading! Till my next blog!