Black and White with Metallic touches: Understated Elegance

I love White! White paint, white texture, white marble, I love it all! White has been a dominant trend over the last few years. It is a very timeless approach to design. It is classic, clean, fresh, summery and certainly airy and life enhancing. Pure white is a fantastic color to design with (there are different opinions about if white is a “proper” color). To me, it is the one of the most vibrant and energetic shades. It is far more dramatic than cream, which is why the off-whites belong there and not with the pure whites.
White is unashamedly glamorous and high maintenance, and so has come to denote luxury.
White-on-white is one of my favorite combinations (there are literally hundreds of shades to choose from), but it is important to have a lot of textural contrast. You can even introduce a layer of texture through the way natural light enters the room. In my mind I equate white with soft, floaty, almost transparent fabrics, but it also translates well into soft velvets or matte (faux) leathers.
White is a truly versatile color. It works well also with taupe and sand or glass or lacquer accessories. It also loves bold accent colors, like black or navy blue among others. Black-framed art work for example creates good graphic shapes against a wall. My interiors have a high predominance of high reflective white with marble floors, walls or glossy white lacquer panels or cabinets. It is appealing, minimalist and ethereal.
Black on the other hand is dark, edgy, sophisticated and sexy. While black may not appeal to everyone on the onset, when applied correctly it can be beautiful and dramatic. Depending on the space, black and white can be used, varying proportions of each shade in a healthy mix and can ground the eye in a very white room.
Last but not least, Metallic golden, rose gold, silver can “lift” a room through details, chandeliers, hardware where everything is white or black. They add sophistication without overwhelming the space.
You never can go wrong with any of them!
Thank you for reading! Till my next blog!