About playing with different shapes and balance, function, and space

The design process is focused on two essential factors, function and space. These are the root of great design. Understanding these two all important aspects will help you to determine every decorating choice you make. Who lives in the house determine the function, our challenge as designers is to come out with a design where everybody is happy. After considering what you need from your home, your designer has to make the space to fulfill those needs. The success of interior design is dependent on a lot more than the decorative ingredients. When we walk around a house, our eye is trained to see how rooms relate to each other, in terms of dimensions, proportions and natural light and to consider whether it is possible to knock through walls and reconfigure an existing space ( structural constraints permitting), think about the flow, be sympathetic to the architecture and age of the building itself. The internal bones of your home lead certain decisions and there is no reason why you cannot marry contemporary design with period architecture, the trick is to acknowledge the past while living in the present. Ornamental crown molding can accommodate contemporary schemes, in another cases, the designer must determine that it is not necessary to keep period features for the sake of it and we can update obsolete construction. Where your house is located will also have an impact: a city house surrounded by brick and concrete feels very different internally to one that it is in the middle of the countryside or by the water, perhaps you want to block out unattractive views or open windows to a beautiful scenery, this is the point, where we try to bring your vision as Designers, where your home must function effectively at every practical level.
Daylight is one of the most important ingredients in a home, that is why I prefer the installation of big windows creating a streamlined space, where the eye flows and embrace the exterior and connect us to nature causing an immediate sense of well-being, close your eyes and open them again… you feel that sense of airy space, light, the sky view, the exterior is inside and you enjoy it! Frank Lloyd Wright used to say “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature, it will never fail you”. But also you learn how the light travels and that can influence the decision regarding the functions of the room and when natural light needs to be artificially boosted in some way, particularly in the winter and whether you need shades that let more light into a room or enable you to filter it out at certain times.
Remember, think about what you want, do not just opt for the standard treatment simply because it falls within the builder’s comfort zone. Interior Designers can help you with that! I hope you enjoyed my blog, thanks for reading, till the next one!!